【Restock Notice】Regarding TGCF Novel Sysiphe Special Ver.


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Dear Customers,

The new stock of TGCF Novel Sysiphe Special Ver. will be released on 05/14 20:00 (GMT+8).

1. Max quantity per household = 2. (Please do not order >2, otherwise, your order will be canceled directly)

2. We received some customers' feedback on the price.

So this time, we will provide the deposit payment, too. The second payment will start after 05/18. The due date is to be determined. (estimated to be longer than a month, theoretically, we will hold your order as long as you need) Please note that the deposit is non-refunded, therefore, please make sure you do want the books and you're able to afford the rest before placing an order.

To sum up, you can choose the pay the full payment (refunded allowed), OR the deposit(refunded not allowed) + second payment.

3. To those who have paid the standard version ($99) before 05/14 (GMT +8), you have 5 days to send the request to update to the sisyphe version in your order. We will send you a new invoice by email. If we didn't receive your request in 5 days, you will be regarded as keeping the original version for your order.

4. The current price for TGCF Novel Sysiphe Special Ver. has been updated. Please check the updated ones and make sure that you are aware of all the notes in the description before ordering.

5. The extra fee for some specific remote areas will be charged based on the current price. (e.g. Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, etc. ) The updated confirmation email will be sent to you when the books are arrived and ready for shipment.

6. Feel free to contact us via email or Discord if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

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