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Qing Cang
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Size: 78~83mm(H)

【SALE】$60.9 for 2 figurines. (Please leave a note of the figurines' names in your order, for example, "LG + CXS". Otherwise, the figurines will be sent for your order randomly.)


  • For one figurine: Postcard*1
  • For All In: Postcards*3 + Acrylic Background*1

Customer Reviews

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Selina W. (US)
One of the best LC figures out there!!

I am so so happy I ordered this set from Dervius and was able to get the postcards AND acrylic background despite this set being out for a while and being sold out in many places. They are precious and such a good size and so worth it. Shipping from Dervius was fine, had good packaging, and got here at a decent time. I also got freebie stickers and a nice postcard from the company and it made my day! Overall super happy with my purchase and would definitely order from Dervius again!

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