MDZS Original Image Memorial Collection Book

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  • Brand:       TENCENT CCD Official Store
  • Page:        176 Pages
  • Folio:        16

Customer Reviews

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Katharina Görigk (DE)
Worth every penny!

I was a little sceptical, because sometimes the quality of art books can vary. So let me tell you, if you're thinking about buying it, do it! The illustrations are stunning and it's incredibly interesting to see how everything comes together (even if you can't read the the text)
The delivery was fast and it was packaged very well, nothing was damaged.

Would definitely buy again!

Stephanie Hope (US)
STUNNING art/book!

Okay this is a definite must have for all mdzs enthusiasts. Every page is absolutely breathtaking, and the freebies included are always appreciated! ♡

Marie-Theres Günther (DE)
Love it

A great collection of MDZS artworks! It arrived undamaged and in very good condition. Love the extras as well!

Ellyn Gazda (US)

fantastic art book - i love the mix of concept art, character designs and the donghua assets. i wasn't expecting the bonus bookmarks either so it was a great surprise! absolutely love it (though I do wish It had yi city art too, but thats just me).

Sydnee Minkler (US)

This art book is amazing. It documents the characters' outfits, which is great for cosplay detail, and it also delves into details that can be hard to focus in on in the donghua. It's really nice to flip through and absolutely reasonably priced for an art book. Worth it entirely.

MDZS Original Image Memorial Collection Book
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