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    • Please pay attention to fire safety during operation and beware of your hands.
    • Please stay away from infants and pets and beware of accidental eating.
    • Children under the age of 15 need to be accompanied by their parents during the operation.


    According to the required amount, use gardening shears or utility knives to cut the wax strips with a length of 5mm, put the wax into the lacquer spoon, and heat it to melt. When the wax liquid melts to a thick yogurt-like shape, pour it on the sealing part of the article, Wait for 3-5 seconds to press down the seal, about 30~60 seconds after the wax liquid cools, remove the seal and peel it off.

    The manufacturing method of lacquer wax flakes

    • During the heating process, the bottom of the wax particles melts into a thick liquid wax. Use a toothpick to poke down the unmelted particles above to make the wax in the wax spoon evenly heated, to avoid excessive heating and generating bubbles. It can also prevent the wax from heating up. The "wax stuck" problem is caused by the "too thin" liquid.
    • Before pouring the wax liquid, place a ceramic tray under the release paper, and apply hand cream on the tray to make the release paper stick to the tray, which can prevent the release paper from being deformed by heat and make a more round wax sheet.
    • Pour the wax liquid on the release paper, trying to be the same size as the sealing surface, after solidification, the lacquer wax can be peeled off.
    • Use a golden or silver paint pen to paint on the surface of the wax sheet, so that it can present a clearer pattern.

    How to clean the painted spoon

    • It is recommended to change the color of one spoon in one color, and the white gradient can be excessive;
    • Heat the fire paint spoon until the residual wax on the inner wall of the spoon melts, and wipe it with wet towel paper;
    • Heating with an alcohol lamp can avoid blackening outside the spoon;
    • If the candle is used for heating, the black carbon outside the spoon can be erased with nail-washing water.

    Saving method of sticking wax seal

    • The fire paint product has a certain viscosity, which may make the seal difficult to demould in summer.
    • Please increase the cooling time of the varnish appropriately, do not cover it, and take it immediately. It is possible to speed up the cooling of the lacquer by smearing and stirring. It is recommended to use it with a lacquer wax release agent to make the demolding effect better.
    • In case of large-area seal sticking, soak the seal in boiling water to soften the wax block and peel it off after heat; In case of wax sticking in some small details, soak the seal in 99% alcohol for 5-6 hours, and stick it away with plasticine after the wax softens.

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    【2pcs 15% off】MDZS Kaze Wax Seal Particle
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