The Untamed Weapon Model Tassel Hairpin

CQL Derivs
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Color :
Bi Chen
Chen Qing
Sui Bian (WWX)
Xue Yang
Jiang Cheng
Jin Ling
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Free Gift: A Lotus Box for each hairpin.

[Length]: About 21cm long

[Weight]: Weighs about 40g

[Material]: Zinc alloy material

[Remarks]: Just used as a model hairpin

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A. (US)
pretty but

It's a lot brighter blue than the picture. Bichen in CQL is pure white--I was prepared for a pale blue, but this bright blue isn't what I wanted at all. The quality is good, though. I'm going to use it as a shawl pin and I think it will work well for that, if I can get used to the color.

Kady Kelly (GB)
The Untamed hairpin (Bichen!)

The Bichen hairpin arrived yesterday. I was surprised at how beautifully it was packaged. I was not prepared to receive the Bichen hairpin in such a gorgeous box. The hairpin itself is quite large and has rather a bit of weight to it. That's not a problem for me as my hair is rather thick. The colour of Bichen is slightly darker than the picture but still incredibly striking against my dark hair. I am so impressed by the quality of this product, that I will be purchasing the hairpins of Suibian, Chenqing and Xue Yangs sword very soon. Be prepared to see more of my money soon!!

The details are so pretty

Bichen is a has a bit more of a deeper sky blue tone to the body, but the craftsmanship is still amazing on the hairpin. I’m in love! Hoping to also get Suibian when it is back in stock

Carolyn G (US)
Beautiful hair sticks!

I chose Bichen and Suibian and both are beautifully made. The detail is very fine, and Suibian in particular is quite beautiful. These hair sticks are long and sturdy - I have a LOT of hair and routinely break hair accessories, but these will definitely hold up. The shipping method was also excellent (Yun express) and the package came even sooner than expected. (the Tassels are not in the pic but they do come with each item - Bichen blue, Suibian pink)

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