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MDZS KAZE Fairy Rabbit Shikishi and magnets

I got both Shikishi, Lan Zhan and Wei Ying, and the fridge magnets. They arrived with the box a little dented, but they were very well packed and nothing was damaged. I'm really happy because I'm in love, they are so cute!!!

Tassel color not as pictured

Tassel is different

It’s perfect

I bought the lwj version. It is very nice and has a pleasing masculine scent that is mildly spicy and mixed with sandalwood. It lasts through the day and smells better even better when you wear it! I’ll be getting wwx version soon!

Really cute!!

The figure came secured, safe and sound. Such a cute lovely figure. Thank you to the seller for the good packaging, goodies.

Love it!

The figures are so cute and lots of bonuses and goodies from seller :)

Love it!

The figures are so cute and lots of bonuses and goodies from seller :)

Perfect and Adorable!

Everything arrived nicely and the figure is adorable! Bonus badge is very cute too. Seller also gives extra goodies.


They are so cute!! 🥰

CQL fan must have!

The light box is light and very well made with intricate details. Easy to operate and bright.

Cutest Thing Ever!

OMG! They are really cute 🥰 I am afraid that I am going to get the repeated, but none of them are repeated and I also got the secret ver!!!!
The shipping is always fast and the service is really really good.

Yiling Lao Zu chibi - badge

Wonderful, it arrived fast and well, thank you very much!

TGCF Canvas Shoes
Kayleigh (US)
I love these shoes <3

I'm usually between a US size 7 - 7 1/2 and I also have wide feet. The size 39 was perfect on me maybe just a tab bit long but thick socks will take care of that. The width was great. The print was amazing and vibrant.

MDZS CME Bunny Wind Chime
Kari Stoltenberg (US)
Wangxian Chimes!!!!

They are so cute and alot bigger than I originally thought they would be. I bought both and am so happy with them. They took a pretty long to ship, but it was totally worth the wait.

So cute!!!

They really are adorable! and a lot more solid and hefty than I thought they would be so plus points for that! I got a bunch for my friends 🥰


Como siempre que he hecho pedidos con esta tienda, el paquete ha llegado rápido, muy protegido y los artículos hermoso. Thank you so much.


I bought the figure from both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. They were both amazing. They look just as great as they do in the promotional photos. It's not always easy to find great quality figures for such a cheap price, but these really are! (please don't mind the awful quality of photo)

Worth it!!

Absolutely beautiful! It arrived in a small jewelry box that I didn't expect at all, so it was a great surprise.

Absolutely adorable

They are everything to me


It's heavier than expected, but it's so adorable!!! I love it


It’s soo pretty. I had to wait a while for this product to come but when I did I was so happy.

So beautiful!!!

I ordered the acrylic stand and the quicksand. The shipping was fast. It went to a different location at first but was solved in less than 24 hours. Their emaul response was also very quick. Both the acrylic stand and quicksand were in perfect condition and comes wirh bonus! Package was well protected. The seller also provided a freebie postcard and some stickers! Love it!!

MDZS KAZE Perfume Peony Sandalwood
Victoria Contreras (US)

I absolutely LOVE my perfumes! Packaging was so carefully put in and nothing was damaged and I love the post card that was included! I will definitely be ordering from here again!


Smells really nice! The bottle is also beautiful! Came packaged securely!

【2pcs 18% Off】MDZS KAZE Perfume EDP 15ml


So, these don't feel like the standard full cover nail stickers, but just like regular stickers you use for nail art. so i would suggest not putting them on the natural nail and instead use a full cover tip, polygel, etc. to put them on. if you do want to stick to your natural nails, use a gel base & top coat for stronger adhesion.

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