MDZS QC Archery YJGJ PVC Figures Doll Toy Ornament

Qing Cang
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  • The lamp will come with battery. 
  • The wooden base can be used as a phone holder.

Important Notes:

  • Qty Limited to 35 sets with an extra badge (WWX & LWJ).
  • We will readjust the price and refund the difference if there is a large error of accurate size and weight when we receive the items.


  • WWX: about 74.3mm(H)
  • LWJ: about 76.4mm(H)

Material: PVC+ABS+Wood

MDZS Qing Cang YJGJ PVC Figures Doll Toy Ornament

Customer Reviews

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Jess (NL)
Watch the instruction vid on discord regarding the lanterns!

The lanterns light up and come with battery compartments, but to open the top can be tricky! There is an instruction video on the CQL Discord and even tips if you accidently get the top of the lanterns stuck.

The wooden phone stands can also fit other figurines so that is an extra plus.

I have given 4 stars instead of 5, but this has nothing to do with the shop or their service. It has to do with the product!

The lanterns, once switched on, turn off really fast! Somewhere in between 10 to 30 seconds.

I asked other buyers and they confirmed that the light does go off really fast. Ensuring me that is is not an incidental thing, but just how the product is.

I do photoshoots with my figures and wanted this set mainly for the lanterns, to be honest. But the very limited time frame complicates things. I am therefore searching for other battery compartment solutions that will fit the lanterns and do not have a time restrictor.

Also, as for decoration I would expect the time restriction to be at least longer. Like 5 to 10 minutes at least. The 10 to 30 sec is not enough to enjoy them being lit.
I find this a product flaw. 😢

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