SVSSS Offset Printing Acrylic Figure Stand

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1. Please remove the layer of protective film on the surface. 

2. This product is an officially authorized genuine product.

3.The products are strictly supervised by the copyright owner, which truly shows the original style and color of the work.

4. Cause the shooting angle and the contrast of the monitor, there will be some color difference, please refer to the actual product.

Customer Reviews

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Sydnee Minkler (US)
A Great Display.

Normally I only like 1/8 scale figurines. I have quite the collection. I have avoided acrylic stands for a long time, however I fell in love with SVSSS and this is what I could find. I have no regrets. I might actually start buying more acrylic stands for other fandoms after this. I love the stands, and as cool as they would be as figurines, they are pretty cool looking as acrylic stands. The Black Lotus LBH reaching for a SQQ that can't fight and the White LBH standing by his Shizun SQQ looks SO GOOD on my bookshelf. I want to display them everywhere. They look amazing, tell a story, and don't take up a whole lot of space. What more could I ask for? Buy them. Support SVSSS. Please. It is so worth it, and that's coming from someone that does NOT like acrylic stands. Do you understand? It's worth the money. I bought them all. I'm an acrylic stand believer now.

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