TGCF Acrylic Calendar Set Year 2022

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  • Acrylic stand: about 180*85*30mm
  • Calendar card: about 150*90mm

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    Denisse Tavarez (DO)
    Extremely gorgeous!!!

    Love it so so so much! Beautiful art and high quality! Thank you thank you, thank you

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    Panda_Colada (GB)
    Love it cos I love STARember and Hualian

    4 star rating does NOT mean I don't love this product. I took one star off because of the strange design, which was described with great details in the other buyer comment, please refer to it for more information.

    In short, It is not a good display stand as it comes: It doesn't display neither the calendar side nor the artwork side well (see photo 1) and you can only see one at a time.

    In order to fix the design problem I have with the stand, I made a very simple cardholder to raise the calendar card (using packaging from covid tests), so that i can see the dates, while admiring STARember's breathtaking artwork. This is shown in the next 3 photos. As long as the cardholder is taller than the calendar cards, it will do. With the cardholder i can display two cards at once on front and back (photo 4 shows the back of the display stand). In the 3rd photo, it shows the additional picture I placed as a background image, just to make it prettier.

    The calendar cards are printed on very good quality cards. To give you a sense of how thick the cards are, the total thickness of the 12 calendar cards is 0.9cm.

    The acrylic stand is easy to put together (no instructions given). The pieces are directional, meaning you don't have complete flexibility on how you want to put it together; the sizes of the holes on the frame are different depending whether they are on the left or right.

    The last photo shows the very cute box the whole product was packaged in.

    If you buy from bilibili, i believe they send a free bookmark with the calendar (it has STARember artwork on the bookmark). I did not recieve this, I guess the shop did not send the bookmarks to cql Derivs.

    If you are interested, this product weighs 235g.

    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for the reviews. I think it would be a great reference for fans.

    Sorry that the calendars we ordered from didn't come with the bookmarks. But we can make sure that they are from official.

    We will keep improve our service, and try to dig every sale channels to get those bonus if the items will come with.

    Thanks again for the feedback, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback.

    King Regards,

    The CQL Derivs Team

    Melissa (US)
    Cute but not a functional calendar

    I bought this to use as an adorable calendar, but it's not really a calendar. You get a stand with a background, Hua Cheng and Xie Lian, and a front piece. When you out them all together, it makes a little container but there is no way to display the calendar using it. If you put the cards in the slots, you block the acrylic stand details or block the art and calendar. It's very poorly designed. There is no configuration to display the month, the art, and the acrylic stand. You are getting an acrylic stand and 12 art carts that HAPPEN to have a calendar on the back. Quite disappointing.

    TGCF Acrylic Calendar Set Year 2022
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