【2nd payment】MDZS 1/8 Scale Figurine LWJ Youth



Click the picture to enter the payment link.

Payment Deadline: 1st, Feb., 2023.

Shipment Date


  • Pay before 01/15, ship before 01/18.
  • Pay after 01/15, ship after 01/27 (Due to Chinese new year holiday) 

Acrylic Stand: Pending


  • Please DO NOT place an order in this link without paying the deposit. Otherwise your order will be regarded as invaild.
  • The deposit order will be canceled automatically if the second payment is not completed before the deadline.
  • If you need to extend the payment deadline for personal reasons, please advise by email.
  • If you choose to abandon the order, please advise by email.
  • The deposit will not be redunded.

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