【Discount Updates】Amount Off Products

When the specific products in the cart meet the minimum purchase requirements, it will automatically activate the discount. Ordering two or three in the same or different link, all of them will get corresponding discount. (except for the options that includes multiple items, such as "both", "all in")
For example, when the buyer adds 【SALE 15% OFF】MDZS NMS Metal Keychain and【SALE 15% OFF】MDZS Acrylic Metal Rotating Keychain to the cart at the same time, both items will get 15% off discount.

Theoretically, different kinds of discounts can be combined without conflict. But please note that the discount of Pre-order items cannot be combined with the discount of In-Stock items.

For example, when you order only item A (pre-order & 10% off) item B (in stock & 10% off), the auto-discount will not be activated, due to different shipping times.

【Flash Sale】will be updated frequently. So just browse around anytime and see if there are any items you're interested in!! ^ ^

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