【Product Updates】TGCF Manhua 3 Boku (博库) Ver.


There're some quality and after-sale problems with the Boku (博库) ver. So the current stock in our site was removed.
One of the bonuses 瀑布翻翻卡 (waterfall fanfan card) are missing. The similar reviews can be seen in the boku shop / social media.
The boku official has deleted the 瀑布翻翻卡 in their product picture for unknown reason.
The damaged copies are a lot after checking the current stock. The bonuses are put in the inner pages. We're unable to open the plastic outside so we cannot check all the copies if the bonuses are complete.

If you'd like switch the manhua ver, please contact us asap with the updated ver you'd like to switch to.

Otherwise you might received the boku ver without 瀑布翻翻卡 we will not be responsible for that.

Thank you very much!

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