【Important Notice】Issues regarding Quality Control


Recently, we receive the feedback about the quality control from different customers.

First, we do open original packaging occasionally to check the items inside are in good condition, to prevent that something damaged or defective, especially when the boxes are non-transparent or relatively low value. (We won't open the boxes of anime figures or commemorative boxes which are more expensive than general items)

Because some customers said we did not check the condition of the items inside carefully before sending them out. We need to strengthen quality control.

Some don't care about the outer box but want to make sure the items inside are all good. But some do.

To open it, some say we send them "second-handed" products. (We will 100% never send our customers "second-handed" products.)  Not to open it, some say we didn't check them carefully... 😭😭😭

So please, do let us know, if you refuse to let us open the box to check the product quality inside.

We will not open any original boxes before sending the items in your orders in the future. But I am afraid we cannot guarantee the quality of the item inside in that case, because we don't have x-ray vision... 

Because even if we re-seal it after opening it, we still cannot guarantee there will not be marks left by fingernails / adhesive or something...

Thank you very much for your understanding! Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestion for us. We are looking forward to providing you better products and service!

Derivs Team

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