【Important Notice】Regarding false complaints Targeting The Shop

Dear Customers:
First, we sincerely appreciate your always trust and support to Derivs Shop!
I‘’m sorry to reiterate that there’re only two people in the team all the time. We have to handle all the stuff relating to the shop. But we will still do our best to satisfy to everyone who buy from us fast and nicely, even when we are very very busy. So whatever request or questions you have, please do contact customer service first.
If you would like to -- update the shipment of your orders, change the info or cancel your orders, or you are worried that your package got stuck in transit due to unknown reasons, or just simply share anything, just tell us, please.
We will reply within 24 hours during weekdays.
If we didn't respond in time, the email might went to spam -- Please try to send it again. Or you can also directly reach Bonnie via Discord. She will reply the messages right away as long as she's online.
If you file a complaint to the system directly without even sending us an message for telling us what happened, it will have serious consequences for our shop (and our hearts) !!   :(
We strongly oppose any false complaints against us. The customer who file a complaint without any reasonable reason will be blacklisted by derivs shop forever.
We aim to provide the best shopping experience to everyone, and we will protect our rights at the same time.
Thank you very much for your understanding!


Derivs Shop

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