【Important Notice】TGCF Cute Animal Pet Stackable Chara Figurines


Dear Customers,

TGCF Cute Animal Pet Stackable Chara Figurines have arrived in our warehouse.

There are about 70% box defective rates in the first batch.

The main reason caused the damage is the irregular box shape, as shown in the pictures below for examples (random three samples picked).

The official supplier bilibili refused to provide the original box exchange, because the packaging materials do not belong to the range of exchange after-sell service.

Therefore, I am afraid we can only send the items that we received. But please rest assured that the figurines inside are in good condition.

The ALL IN with pre-order bonus are not available from the official supplier currently, so they will not be back to stock in the near term.

If you mind the defective boxes, it is allowed to cancel the orders. We will give you a full refund.

Please get back to us asap whether you would like to proceed with or abandon the order before 1st May. Your order will be held temporately before we hearing from you.

Thank you very much!



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