【Important Notice】Regarding TGCF Novels Set


A few days ago, we received a message from one of our customers about the regular and special edition TGCF Novels Vol. 1~3. It is sudden and urgent. 

There are some QC feedback on the books from Chinese fans, listing in the posts. Please check the link and the pictures below.



Sorry we didn't tell you this sooner. Because it costed plenty of time these days to count and check the books.

We've found some defective copies and picked them out. (One of the books even has a little wooden plate between the pages somehow... 😅See the picture below)

We're trying to reach the bilibili and sysiphe customer service. Recently, they received lots of complaints from all over the world so their "complaint line" is quite long, usually takes hours even days. The proceeding is very messy -- We have to keep taking multiple pictures / unboxing videos, and waiting for response.

The two pictures above are the normal book's current look, there are 5 piece of bubble plates around the edges and on the top, I'm holding one of them in the picture. And the book is wrapped by transparent plastic. By the way, the plastic are quite loose and some are even splited when we receive them. So we might try to the reseal the gap by the tape before shipment.

Please be aware that we are not responsible for the inner misprint situation caused by the bookmaker. Because

1. The shipping fee is extremely expensive due to the weight (nearly 3KG).

2. The special edition is limited, we do have not enough stock

3. Even if we do, We still cannot make sure we send you the books without any faults inside, because we can't open the packaging. The same problem may occur eventually.

We will not open the plastic packaging because it will easily leave marks or dirt on the pages by hands of mine and Garvin's when touching the pages, there're about 80+ copies currently and the books are heavy, and it is summer now, we don't have AC in the warehouse, so we will be sweaty for sure when checking all of them one by one, and it is hard to prevent from leaving the sweat on the books by accident... making them greasy or something, we don't want that happen.

We don't mind the workload if we can make things under control, but we truly cannot avoid all the problem I metioned above.

And most importantly, we don't have the machine to rewrap them with new plastics, to prevent damaging them by friction in transit.

So the exchange/refund for the misprint will be impossible, too. Hope you can understand.

It is allowed to cancel the order if you are not accepting this, for deposit-paid customers, too.

We will be responsible for the package missing and damaged edges or any problems that can be seen from the outside. But we are not capable of controlling the defects inside like misprint caused by the bookmaker.

As per the rules before, we will hold the shipment until you are aware of this disclaimer and willing to take the risk.

I'm sorry we are uncapable to find a better solution.

But we will still do everything we can now on our end, like packing the books perfectly to prevent the edges damaged, making sure the books are safe in transit, and something like this, making all the info transparent to you, as usual.

If you have any questions, please reach us by email or Discord.

Thank you!

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